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3 Reasons to Order a Stuffed Crust Pizza for Your Next Meal

Feb 10, 2021 | Press

Stuffed crust pizza may have sounded like an absurd creation at some point, but it has birthed a delicious food revolution since its inception in 1995. Although it started as cheese in the crust, other restaurants have taken their own spin to it: for instance, some pizza places in Japan sell shrimp and mayonnaise stuffed crust pizzas, while Marmite-stuffed crust is famous in New Zealand. 

Still, even if you aren’t in the mood for something as adventurous as bacon and abalone sauce in your crust, cheese-stuffed crust pizza always hits the spot without fail. Not only are they delicious and filling, but they also make the most out of every pizza bite, including the crust–a part that many people leave untouched on their plates. Here are three reasons to order a stuffed crust pizza for your next meal:

It Has Cheese

Everyone loves cheese—there’s no doubt about it. The gooey, tasty goodness of cheese makes it one of the easiest toppings to add to any dish, making it instantly delicious. If you’re the type of pizza eater who devours everything but the crust, then going for a stuffed crust pizza allows you to enjoy every inch of your pie without leaving anything to waste. You’ll also get even more bang for your buck that way!

We fold a healthy amount of cheese into every one of our stuffed crust pizzas at Joe’s Rotisseria, ensuring that we deliver a crust to you that’s just as delicious, exciting, and satisfying as every other bite of your slice. You’ll transform your pizza experience and take it up several notches while retaining that classic tangy combination of tomato, cheese, and ultra-scrumptious dough.

It Allows You to Eat Pizza Backwards

There’s no “right” way to eat pizza since you can eat it any way you want—folded, rolled up, or even cut into squares. However, with our stuffed crust pizza, you can even eat it backwards so you can enjoy the stuffed crust right away. It’ll be just as satisfying as eating it the traditional way, except that you’ll get even more silky mozzarella cheese with every bite. In fact, it can be a mini appetizer of sorts since it’ll tease your tastebuds of the flavor smorgasbord that’s sure to come with the rest of your slice. You’re also sure to finish the entire piece this way instead of leaving the crust on your plate!

It Adds More Deliciousness Without the Calories

Even though pizza isn’t one of the healthiest foods around since it’s got carbs, cheese, and meats, adding cheese to the crust—while causing the pizza to skyrocket in flavor—doesn’t necessarily do the same for the calories you’ll consume.  You might think that eating stuffed crust adds hundreds of more calories to your meal, but it typically adds only 40 calories, which isn’t much if you think about it. 

Since the recommended daily calorie intake for most people sits at a comfortable 2000, enjoying a stuffed crust pizza puts you well into the realm of an adequate meal. You can enjoy it without the guilt of packing on extra calories, which makes it taste even more delicious.


Having a stuffed crust pizza is always a good idea, whether you’re sharing it with your friends and family, celebrating an occasion, or treating yourself to something delicious. With these three reasons, there’s no reason not to enjoy it for your next meal!

Looking for the best stuffed crust pizza in New Jersey? You’ve come to the right place at Joe’s Rotisseria! We are home to the famous Triple Threat pizza, created by our founder, Joe Brignoni. Check out our menu today for all the other unique food and exciting eats you can’t find anywhere else!

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