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3 Reasons Why Most People Think Calzones Are Better Than Pizza

Apr 2, 2021 | Press

When you think about Italy’s finest, you may think about pizza and the many iconic toppings it has, like bacon, cheese, and even pineapple. However, you may not have realized that this classic, beloved dish is now dethroned because of another Italian favorite: the calzone. It’s basically like a turnover pizza with a lovely filling of various ingredients all folded into a rich tomato sauce. To ensure you keep up with the times and look further into this dish, see what the people have to say about it by reading the following reasons why it is superior to pizza: 

Superiority Reason #1: You don’t have to fold your pizza or put two slices of pizza together to enjoy a fuller bite. 

If you are like most pizza eaters, you may have been accustomed to the practice of folding your pizza slice to get a fuller, more jam-packed bite. While you can consume the slice as is, you actually save more time with the folded method and have an excuse to grab your second slice once you finish your first one! 

Luckily, the calzone has done the folding for you, allowing you to eat it more easily. It’s easily great for kids since they can eat more neatly and avoid getting food on their clothes, as they would when folding their pizza. 

The best part about the folded, pizza pocket-like shape of a calzone is you can also do the customary cheese-pull, just as you would when you bite on your pizza. Because everything is tucked in together, the mozzarella cheese strings stretch more beautifully with bits of meat, sauce, and other ingredients. It’s like you get a better picture of what’s inside as a surprise!

Superiority Reason #2: You don’t have to share! 

Don’t you just find it annoying that you have to share your pizza with other people? Sure, you can’t eat a whole pizza pie by yourself, but sometimes, you may just want to have a private meal for yourself. You can also get just a slice of pizza, but it just feels incomplete without the other slices. Luckily, the calzone is made just for you! You can decide what you want and even order more than one serving if you are feeling extra hungry! 

Superiority Reason #3: You get more of that lovely crust-like texture.

For most pizza lovers, the crust is something you would either love or hate. Some people do like the flaky, croissant-like texture, but others feel like it should have some of the topping and sauce drenched in it to make it a more tasty, bite-worthy part of the meal. 

So if you are looking for a more satisfying experience with a pizza alternative filled with crust, then a calzone is definitely your go-to choice! You can even get it toasted golden brown to enjoy that bread-ish texture that you know and love from a pizza crust. Best of all, you can eat it while enjoying the filling, giving you a more enriching dining experience! 


While a slice of good-old pizza is great, a calzone can beat them because of the overall enhanced flavor, texture, and portability. You now also have a better understanding of why many people can vouch for it. But if you are still not convinced, consider ordering both and other options for your next meal to see what you think! 

Joe’s Rotisseria can provide you with the best tasting, impressive calzone, and pizza options. We are also known for our Triple Threat Pizza and other unique foodie options for your enjoyment. Order your larger-than-life Italian favorites from us and settle the debate once and for all on which classic dish is better!  

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