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3 Reasons Why Vodka Sauce on Pizza is a Must-Try – Our Guide

Dec 23, 2020 | Press

If you’re looking for your next pizza dining experience that will wow your taste buds, look no further than trying pies topped with vodka sauce! It’s a rich, creamy topping that pizza lovers enjoy because of its depth in flavor and intrigue from the added alcohol content. But what exactly makes a vodka sauce-topped pizza one of the best foods out there? 

This article will discuss three reasons you and your friends or family should try pizzas and other Italian options with vodka sauce. Take this as an opportunity to widen your tastes and preferences for different meals and become a more adventurous food enthusiast! 

1. Has a rich tomato sauce with cheese 

You may be looking for familiar pizza flavors to get more comfortable with trying something. Fortunately, you can get that from pizza orders topped with vodka sauce as you can expect to enjoy rich tomato sauce with different cheeses, like mozzarella, gruyere, and parmesan. That means you don’t have to worry too much about tasting something new! However, you have to note that not all pizzas use the same tomato sauce blends and cheese combinations. 

As such, you should get to know your pizza order and ask about the different toppings. That way, you can better understand what flavors to expect and not be too surprised by new toppings. After all, you may even learn to love vodka sauce and make it a staple for any pizza delivery order! 

2. Has vodka without the overpowering taste and smell 

For sure, you may be curious about the prominence of vodka when placed on your next pizza order. However, you may be surprised to know that it’s not as overpowering as you may think it would be. That’s because most pizzerias’ general practice is to cook off the vodka in the sauce until the smell and taste have disappeared. But the vodka does serve a purpose in the sauce—preserving aromatics and enhancing flavor profile. 

For instance, most vodka sauce pizzas use tomato as a base ingredient. When you pour in a small amount of vodka, the chemical reaction intensifies the tomato flavor on a molecular level, boosting the sauce’s overall taste and consistency once placed on your pie! As such, vodka sauce on pizza should have either only a hint of the boozy flavor or none at all to be truly delicious!  

3. Can be combined with other dishes

Many pizza eaters and food enthusiasts know that you need to reinvent classic dishes to make something unique and delicious. The same can be said for pizzas topped with vodka sauce and other Italian creations, like pasta and calzone. Fortunately, some creative pizzerias, like us at Joe’s Rotisseria, develop the best foodie creations for your enjoyment. For instance, we have a Vodka Lasagna Pizza—a heartwarming combination of the best Italian comfort foods. We also have other food fusions that you can try, like our famous Triple Threat Pizza


Trying vodka sauce on pizza may be a new experience for you, but it will be worthwhile once you understand why it’s beloved among many. Fortunately, you now know why. All you have to do is place your next pizza order and ready your taste buds for the best foodie experience! 

Joe’s Rotisseria in Asbury Park and Roselle Park offers the best pizza options in New Jersey for you and your loved ones to enjoy, such as our Vodka Lasagna Pizza and Triple Threat Pizza. We can also provide you with other Italian food and rotisserie chicken options that will delight your taste buds. Visit our restaurant today and enjoy the best foodie creations! 

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