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3 Valentine’s Date Ideas To Try This Year

Feb 10, 2021 | Press

Love is never measured by years, and certainly shouldn’t be deterred by a pandemic! Most people believe that it’s the closest thing to magic, and while entirely cheesy, people celebrate it for a reason. Although social distancing is still in place, your significant other deserves to feel loved and celebrated on Valentine’s Day this year. 

You’ll want to make sure you spend more time together, exchanging gifts, expressing love through grand gestures, and even basking in the little things. In times of uncertainty, perhaps focusing more on the little things can help make them feel the day even more intimate—as if it’s been made for you.

Whatever you wish to do this Valentine’s day, nothing can quite go wrong with a bouquet, a sweet note, and even a socially-distanced date. There’s plenty of ways to make your significant other feel more special—here are just a few of our best ideas:

Date Idea #1: Take the car out for a drive

Go for a drive with no destination in mind—and it won’t be a problem at all. All you have to do is to load up your gas tank and bask in the feeling of adventure. Staying in your car may seem rather dull, but it’s one of the best ways to get out of your comfort zone. Drive through mountains and enjoy the sunrise, or perhaps down the beach for the sunset. Explore new places but most importantly, spend some time discovering more of the world together.

Tip: Make it more special with a box of your favorite snacks! Load up your passenger seats with the best snacks, and perhaps even a cooler to keep your bottle of wine chilled. It’s never a road trip without the prospect of pigging out during the ride!

Date Idea #2: Set up an indoor or outdoor picnic 

You don’t have to travel to do a picnic—simply grab a large blanket and back a random basket with your favorite dishes. You can set up by your garden or patio, but if the snow’s falling, your living room floor would be more than accommodate you. Set up the mood with a little background music, and spread out your favorite dishes. It’ll be a welcome change of scenery, and perhaps a few bottles of wine!

Tip: Make it more special through a heart-shaped pizza! Chocolates in heart-shaped boxes are a cute idea, but nothing quite comes close to Valentine’s pizza. It will be undeniably delicious, especially if you order it from Joe’s Rotisseria. 

Date Idea #3: Cook up some breakfast in bed

If your partner enjoys surprises, a cute little breakfast in bed date would be most appreciated. Set your alarm clock one or two hours earlier, and cook a delicious breakfast through your pancake and waffle mixes. Don’t hesitate to douse everything with whipped cream, topped with strawberries for the best breakfast ever. Brew some tea and coffee, and make sure you have a side of bacon, eggs, and even some left-over pizza!

Tip: Make it more special by assembling an assortment of their favorite breakfast foods, and more! Who says you can’t have an entire chocolate cake for breakfast?

Spread the Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will be quite different this year, but it doesn’t have to be less special. Remember to keep these date ideas in mind, as they have been designed to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. It’s about celebrating your love in all the little things—begin planning today!

If you want to spread a little more love, allow Joe’s Rotisseria. We offer you the best pizza in New Jersey, ready to deliver to your friends and family! We also cover other surrounding areas, making it possible to spread the love this coming February 14th. Order in advance today!

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