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4 Debunked Myths You May Have Believed About Pizza

Feb 10, 2021 | Press

Pizza is beloved comfort food that is known all over the world. Depending on where the pizza is being eaten, there is a special pizza origin story that is native to the region. We all know our own favorite version of pizza, and what toppings we like the most. However, there may be some things about pizza that you may have misconceptions about.

We have compiled the most common pizza myths circulating around. You may be surprised to learn a thing or two about your favorite cheesy treat. You may have heard some of these pizza myths, even believed one or two of them. We’re here to debunk them for you!

Bogus Myths About Pizza: Debunked!

Here are some of the most common myths about pizza that you may have heard before.

Myth 1: Italians invented pizza

This is probably the most common pizza myth there is. Although the most iconic pizzas today originated from Naples, Italy, pizza can be traced back all the way to ancient Greece. Recent archeological discoveries have unearthed ancient clay ovens that were used to bake flat bread in various places in Greece. These would have been ovens that baked the earliest forms of pizza. Since Greece and Rome had close ties in times of old, you can be sure that the Romans stole the idea for pizza from their Greek counterparts.

Myth 2: You should never eat a pizza with a knife and fork

Many people say that it is not correct to eat pizza with a knife and fork, since it should be best enjoyed with the hands. However, there are certain types of pizza that will be best eaten using utensils. Imagine trying to devour a piece of Chicago deep dish pizza without a knife and fork. 

Myth 3: Only San Marzano tomatoes produce great pizza sauce

Depending on where you are from, you can buy different types of tomatoes (whether canned or fresh) to use to make your tomato sauce for your pizza sauce base. Even if San Marzano tomatoes do produce high-quality pizza sauce, it doesn’t mean that it is the only type of tomato that may be used to make delicious marinara sauce. 

Myth 4: War heroes spread the popularity of pizza after WWII

This myth says that the reason why pizza became popular in the USA is that WWII servicemen had brought it back when they came home after the war. This is untrue because during the war time, pizza was virtually unknown outside of Naples, and it was close to impossible that war servicemen would have come home from battle with the knowledge of pizza. Keep in mind that they were fighting, not on a vacation trying the local country’s cuisine.


There are so many myths about pizza that can be debunked. However, one thing that can never be debunked is everyone’s common love for pizza. Even if you believe any of the myths mentioned above, you can be sure that they did not change your love for pizza. There is nothing like biting into a hot, steaming slice of pizza and enjoying the cheese pull that the melty cheese creates as you pull it away from your lips. 

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