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6 Special Occasion Best Celebrated With Pizza

Feb 3, 2021 | Press

There is no occasion out there for which pizza cannot be ordered. No matter what is going on, no one’s going to hate you for it. Pizzas themselves can turn any special occasion into one that is even more enjoyable! Everyone loves pizza, and when everyone is having fun and eating pizza, the fun never stops. 

That being said, if you want to know precisely when you can order pizza, you are in the right place. We are going to tell you what special occasions out there are best celebrated with pizza. 

1. Games

From the Super Bowl to the NBA Championships, many people look forward to watching their favorite teams play. However, even more people look forward to the food items they get to enjoy when watching the game. From buffalo wings to toasted ravioli, there are all sorts of food favorites to be enjoyed. If you really want to spice up your time, consider getting a pizza along with all the other food items! With a box right in front of your eyes, you can keep your eyes glued to the screen while you keep your stomach happy and your tastebuds brimming with joy. Plus, if you are watching with friends and family, pizza can ensure everyone gets something to eat.

2. Birthdays

Birthdays should always have great food. You can easily take this occasion to a whole new level by ordering pizza. If it is your birthday party and want to make it unique, why not get a birthday pizza. It’s a birthday cake, but instead of a cake, you stick the candles in a pizza. Plus, just like cake, you can custom-create it, from the toppings to the fillings in the crust.

3. Graduation 

Graduation is a special day indeed, whether it is your graduation or someone else’s. Unfortunately, buying gifts can get pretty expensive, but pizza is always a great option! It is affordable and tasty, and whoever is celebrating with you could never hate you for it. Plus, after a long day, you are all going to be hungry, and nothing is better than sitting back and talking about what happened that day over some pizza.

4. Weddings

Weddings are perhaps the most special day in anyone’s life, apart from the day a new child is born. At your wedding reception, people will be sitting there waiting to eat. Knowing that such receptions can be quite expensive, putting pizza on the menu is a great way to stay within a budget while ensuring everyone’s stomach is full and happy.

5. Holidays 

Holidays are always the best days to grab a pizza. Whether it be Valentine’s Day or even Christmas Eve, no one is going to complain that you ordered pizza for the occasion. If you’re eating with friends and family, just be sure to ask them about the pizzas they love. That way, you can make the right orders to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the toppings they actually enjoy. Plus, since everyone else might want a slice or two (or more!), it pays to make your orders a little earlier so that the restaurant can get your pizza out on time.

6. Get-togethers

Get-togethers with families or friends are extraordinary moments, especially if you are reuniting with loved ones you have not seen in years. If you are hosting the get-together, you may feel burdened having to prepare all the food, and if someone else is hosting, you may feel guilty having them prep the food. Whether you are hosting or not, bring some pizza. Everyone enjoys a good slice of pizza, and it will make the reunion even more enjoyable.


There is never a wrong time to order pizza. Whether you’re visiting a friend’s house or congratulating someone on their wedding, a pizza can always make the occasion more joyous. The only thing you have to remember is to choose a pizza you know that everyone will like! Only by doing this will you guarantee to bring nothing but joy and satisfaction.

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