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Enjoy Family Night and Unwind With These Pizza Dishes

Dec 25, 2020 | Press

When you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy time with your family, one of the go-to comfort foods everybody loves is a big box of pizza. Pizza is a cult favorite that has a special place in every American’s heart. And because of its popularity and the high demand for this delicious pie, it’s incredibly easy to find pizza wherever you are. 

If you’re thinking of better ways to enjoy your pizza, keep reading. Below are two mouthwatering ways you can enjoy pizza and take your family nights to the next level. Let’s get to it!

Stuffed pizza

The great thing about pizza is that it comes in a variety of flavors. Some are traditional and well-loved by many, while some are out of the box, interesting, and bursting with surprising flavors. But some chefs step out of the traditional pizza comfort zone and try to elevate the dish as much as possible, and one way of doing this is by stuffing the pizza’s crust.

The regular pizza crust is great, but there’s something about stuffed crust pizza. It’s a great way to take traditional pizza up a notch and bring in more flavor and goodness. With stuffed crust pizza, you’ll be able to enjoy every single bite of your slice.

When you search for stuffed crust pizza, your mouth will begin to water when you start seeing cheese and oil oozing out of their crusts. Fortunately, it’s easy to get a hold of this type of pizza and it’s always the best choice to bring in during family nights. 

A great place to get local stuffed crust pizza is at Joe’s Rotisseria. And if you’re thinking of what you should get now, consider trying our Stuffed Crust Barbeque Chicken Chipotle Ranch. This pizza has the perfect level of smokiness and a bit of a hot kick that will instantly bring life to your family nights. 

Pizza waffles

You can never go wrong with breakfast food, but imagine merging it with another fantastic comfort food, and your mind will surely explode. If you want to go all out with comfort, and enjoy a delicious meal, consider trying pizza waffles. 

Pizza waffles are starting to gain popularity because it’s fun, crispy, and is oozing with melted hot cheese. Those descriptors alone will let you know why this dish is a big hit among many. 

The great thing about waffles is that it pairs great with almost any type of dish. Some people like pairing waffles with hashbrowns or brownie sundaes, while some people like to pair it with buttermilk chicken or even falafels. And for some, they love to go crazy with the toppings!

So with pizza waffles, you’re basically getting pizza toppings and placing them on waffles to toast. You can do this by placing a layer of pizza dough, spreading some tomato sauce on it, topping with your choice of ingredients, and finally, putting a generous amount of cheese. You will then place it in a waffle iron and wait for a few minutes before you can devour this yummy dish. 

If you want to try a pizza waffle, Joe Rotisseria has a mouthwatering Crunchy Cheddar Margarita Burrata Pizza Waffle that you must try. To elevate the experience, you can drizzle our house balsamic glaze or hot honey on each slice!


You’ve finally reached the end of the article, and your tummy is most likely grumbling by now. You know what that means: it’s time to call your local pizza restaurant, book a table, or get pizza delivered for your family night. These pizza dishes will make your stomach happy, help you destress, and enjoy your much-awaited family night!

If you’re looking for the best pizza in New Jersey, come visit Joe’s Rotisseria. We’re the perfect restaurant for pizza lovers and foodies because we create amazing and unique food creations that you won’t find anywhere else. Check out our menu today!

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