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How Pizza Stones Can Make a Difference in Your Pizza

Dec 23, 2020 | Press

Pizza stones are a universal tool used for cooking your favorite Italian dish. Depending on the stone’s size and shape, the type of pizza you cook can be quite different. Clay, ceramic, cast iron, or cordierite stones yield different results and can be found in various sizes, with some made into oblong or even square shapes to create unique types of pizza. Knowing the difference between these stones will allow food lovers to appreciate the various pizza choices made at their favorite restaurants. 

Whether you’re ordering a triple threat pizza or another unique-shaped pizza from Joe’s Rotisseria in Asbury Park, here are the ways that these pizza stones make all the difference.

Pizza Shapes

Most people are used to the classic pizza: round, flat pies with varying levels of thickness. These can range from anywhere between personal-sized 8-inch pizzas to gargantuan 18-inch creations ideal for groups—sometimes even bigger!

While this is the most well-known and loved kind of pizza, some varieties come in square, triangle, oblong shapes. You can get personalized pizzas that are Christmas-themed or even heart-shaped options that Joe’s Rotisseria offers on Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day alternative that your significant other will appreciate more than the standard box of chocolates or bouquet of roses. Having pizzas in different shapes like this can really make a difference in how you enjoy them! 

Your pizza’s taste and texture will mostly depend on the ingredients, from the dough to the sauce, its toppings, and the cheese (if any). For example, a café might sell a rectangular vegetarian pizza with a layered, pastry-like crust while a traditional Italian pizza might come in a round shape with a smoother crust. However, getting a specific type of crust on the pizza will also depend on the type of stone used to cook it. 

Different Types of Pizza Stones

Many different kinds of pizza stones exist, but the most well-known ones are round and square-shaped. While pizzas will generally cook in the oven the same way and will come out more or less the same depending on your ingredients and technique, there are some ways that square-shaped stones will produce a difference in your pizza-eating experience. Here are the main differences between the two:

Round Pizza Stone

A classic shape, this pizza stone is used to allow every bit of the pizza crust’s bottom to come into contact with the stone’s surface. While it’s generally trickier to place a round pizza onto a round stone, it provides more precise heating for your pizza, making it more difficult to burn since it cooks evenly. 

However, round pizza stones are also limited by the shape that makes them so reliable. Because they are round, they aren’t very flexible with different food options that can be cooked on their surface. 

Square or Rectangular Pizza Stone

Since the rectangular pizza stone has more surface area than a classic round one, it retains heat for longer periods. This results in pizzas that cook more quickly with a slightly crisper crust than pizzas on rounded stones. Square or rectangular pizza stones are also more versatile when cooking other kinds of food other than pizza. 

Pizza Stone Dimensions

Large surface areas will generally allow pizzas to cook more quickly with better heat retention. However, these stones will take longer to heat up and cool down. Air should also have sufficient space to circulate in the oven, so purchasing a too large stone won’t be ideal. Pizzas that need to cook over a longer period of time will do better on a thinner stone, but thicker stones that take their time warming up will cook the dough more quickly. A good rule of thumb is to invest in a stone that is at least five-eighths of an inch thick. 

The Bottom Line on Pizza Stones

With different types of pizza stones, it’s possible to create fun, unique pizza shapes for different occasions. Although everybody will always enjoy the classic pizza, digging into your favorite flavors in all kinds of zany shapes and other creative creations, like the garlic knot pinwheel sicilian from Joe’s Rotisseria, will make eating at celebrations that much more enjoyable. So can pizza stones make a difference in your pizza? It definitely does in the most delicious way possible. 

Here at Joe’s Rotisseria, we pride ourselves on making some unique foodie creations that you won’t find in other pizza joints. Browse our best creations on our Joe’s Rotisseria Instagram account and order from our Joe’s Rotisseria menu today!

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