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How to Find the Best Pizza: 4 Characteristics to Look Out For

Jan 19, 2021 | Press

Everyone can agree that pizzas are delicious. They come in endless varieties, but this is not to say that all of them are good. Some can fall short of your expectations, whether it be due to a lack of cheese or something missing in the sauce. In other words, some pizza is good, and others can leave more to be desired.

If you want to know how you can select only the best pizza to satisfy your tastebuds, you are in the right place. In this article, we will tackle the characteristics of an excellent pizza to help you pick and choose only the best. 

1. The oil

You might not realize this, but putting olive oil on top of a pizza can turn a decent pie into something amazing. Olive oil adds a light yet tasty flavor to a pizza that enhances all the other ingredients and brings them together. Simply put, finding olive oil on top of your pizza is a good sign that it will taste great. Other toppings like Mike’s Hot Honey—a popular topping for pizza with a kick—chicken, and many other food items are also great signs that the pizza is going to be good, simply because such toppings are good just by themselves.

2. The color

Pizza should not be boring and dull to look at. Even if it only contains cheese and tomato sauce, it should be vibrant and attractive to look at. This is a good sign that the ingredients are fresh, not to mention tasty. For instance, a bright red tomato will taste much better than an old tomato that has gone dark. It will be fresher, containing the perfect amount of acidity and sweetness that will make your pizza taste amazing.  

Old ingredients are not the only factor when it comes to color. It also applies to overcooked pizza, as delicate toppings may become dull and rubbery when cooked too long. This also applies to the cheese, which if overcooked, becomes tough to swallow. Other ingredients, such as basil, should be added after the pizza is cooked, allowing them to retain their color and moisture without getting burnt.

3. The crust

The crust on a pizza is something you will love or hate. You might have your preferences, but a good crust will generally be chewy and substantial enough to hold all of the ingredients together. If the crust is bad, you will definitely notice it, negatively affecting the entire pizza-eating experience.

4. The ingredients 

When we talk about the ingredients, we are referring to the balance between their proportions. For example, one crucial detail about any pizza is the ratio of cheese to tomato sauce. One should never overpower the other, and they should work in tandem to give you a blissful pizza experience.

That being said, any other toppings should also match the flavors of the pizza and should not be overdone. That way, you can taste interesting flavors that shine through but do not take away from the overall flavor.


Now that you know the characteristics that make up a great pizza, you know precisely how to tell the good ones from the bad! From a perfectly chewy crust to the right ratio of toppings, picking the best pizza to satisfy your cravings can now be a lot easier.

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