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The Queen of F-cking Everything’s Trip to Joe’s Rotisseria

Jan 12, 2021 | Press

Pizza is a family favorite for many people, as it remains a staple in American culture. Countless date nights, family game nights, house parties, and thesis writing sessions have all had the classic pie on the table, and it’s been like this for decades on end. The hype regarding pizza is never-ending, and no matter where you go, you’ll find an American pizzeria that serves up piping hot batches straight from the oven. 

While family-run pizzerias are always the go-to for any local, New Jersey is chock-full of these small restaurants that serve pies surprisingly decadent in flavor. One of the more well-known restaurants that serve unique pizzas that steal the show is Joe’s Rotisseria, run by Chef Joe Brignoni. At the young age of 22, the young man had big dreams and even bigger ambitions to become one of the world’s top pizza makers. Here’s more about the fantastic Rotisseria through the eyes of Donna Milley, also known as “The Queen of F-cking EVERYTHING”:

Through the Eyes of an Avid Pizza Fanatic

Roselle Park is home to the gigantic meal s coined the “Triple Threat,” which is a pizza product that Joe worked on to satisfy the taste buds of people looking for something new. What really stood out to Donna was the personalization aspect of the popular dish. While it hosted the three elements of being a pizza, calzone, and garlic knot combination, what made it different is that anything that Joe had on hand made it onto the dough. 

Joe meets all customers who come in with a smile and a loud, energetic voice while putting in the work himself. You’ll probably see him multitasking while throwing pizza dough into the air and preparing to dish out the Triple Threat. This show-stopper won Chef Joe a spot in the top twenty non-traditional pizza chefs in Las Vegas’ International Pizza Expo. You can say that Joe’s life is dedicated to the craft, but that’s putting it lightly. He pours out every fiber of his being to craft each pizza to be up to his specifications, which people don’t see from other restaurants.

The Whole Experience

While Chef Joe dedicates most of his energy to perfecting the Triple Threat pizzas, the menu isn’t limited to that. You can also choose to have the usual order of a pie or even a rotisserie chicken if proteins are what you’re after in a meal. Furthermore, you also have Italian entrees, appetizers, and even salads to choose from if you’re chasing something less stuffing. 

Donna Milley ordered the Margherita Triple Threat variant of the dish, a safe option for any pizza lover. In fact, she was shocked that this dish had a patent on it, which Joe worked hard to get because of how much love and effort he puts into making this dish. Garlic knots make the whole meal a different experience, as pizzas and calzones have been mixed before. As mentioned above, the endless mixes you can do with the Triple Threat make it a flavorful journey different each time.

Whether you come one week for the Margherita and you come back another week for something like a Taco Triple Threat, there is more to the dish than it seems. The Queen of F-cking EVERYTHING appears to love the whole experience, from the calzone-pizza mix to the garlic knots, and we do hope that she’ll be back for another run. This time, Chef Joe is ready to whip up the Triple Threat that gained him the top twenty spot: the “Tom Brady.” 


Joe’s Rotisseria is a story of success by a young man with big dreams and even bigger ambitions to create the best pizza the world has ever seen. With the Rotisseria gaining a cult following by New Jersey residents, along with the occasional visit from the neighboring New Yorkers, Joe’s pizza game is definitely strong. Take the trip and try it out for yourself!

Joe’s Rotisseria in Roselle Park is the original store of the renowned New Jersey chef Joe Brignoni. With an entire menu of masterfully crafted pies and other incredible items, the journey your taste buds will be taking is going to be grand. Visit us to get a slice of New Jersey’s favorite pizza!

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