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Tomato Sauce And Vodka – The Perfect Duo

Mar 25, 2021 | Press

As the promise of spring comes near, nothing quite adds to the magic other than a perfect bowl of pasta and freshly-baked pizza. The idea of digging into a hearty bowl of pasta among friends and glasses of wine seems like a dream come true, with hefty servings of pizza for the perfect meal. 

Pasta and pizza have already been deeply ingrained in American cuisine, especially since the possibilities are endless.  You can have pasta in mere olive oil and garlic, or perhaps order one in a delicious red sauce that reminds you of Italy—even if you’ve never been. Serving them with pizza can also be a life-changing experience, especially if you wish to simply enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon. The sense of contentment after is something unmatched. 

The quest for the best pasta and pizza combination is never-ending, however, but many chefs now incorporate a not-so-secret ingredient into their masterpieces—vodka. Although it may seem rather counterintuitive, a splash of vodka in a tomato sauce concoction can make magical things happen.

You’ll find subtle but delicious changes, such as peppery and herbal flavors you never thought would exist in tomato sauce. Although generally believed to be flavorless, vodka’s ultimate power can be felt in various cuisines—adding changes your taste buds will never get enough of. 

Not quite sure how it works just yet? Here’s a quick and convincing guide for you. Warning: you may crave for some by the end of it:

Why It Works

The process of making tomato sauce with vodka is rather easy to do, and the resulting product is often referred to as vodka sauce. It’s made by cooking onions and garlic in a dutch oven, smothered in olive oil until everything softens. The tomato paste will come next, to be cooked for several minutes until incorporated. Vodka will then be poured in, which deglazes the pan before the cream is added. Once everything is placed in the pot, the sauce will be left to simmer until it thickens. 

But why is vodka sauce so good? Technically speaking, the alcohol content essentially acts as an emulsifier. It can hold the cream and tomato paste acid, ensuring that nothing separates while cooking. As a result, the cream never curdles. Everything is held together even as it cools, ensuring that the flavors are enhanced.

Can It Make You Drunk?

Most people assume that putting alcohol in the sauce can make you drunk, but this notion is far from the truth. Cooking with vodka means cooking the alcohol off—you’ll only be left with the taste of the alcohol in the dish, usually coming off as added flavors. 

The amount of alcohol left in the dish is almost nonexistent, but those who are pregnant, allergic, or breastfeeding must avoid these dishes—just to stay on the safe side. 

Joe’s Rotisseria Makes Vodka Sauce Best

If you find yourself now craving for the vodka and tomato sauce pairing, we’ve quite a few items in our menu to highlight this glorious concoction: 

  • Angry Italian: This is one of our best pizza recipes, made better with a sesame seed crust, Roni cups, and most sticks. You’ll also be greeted by the highly coveted vodka sauce, topped with a hot honey drizzle for added flavor.
  • Vodka Lasagna Pizza: With scrumptious layers of cheese and vodka sauce, this lasagna is to die for. Make sure to order 24 hours in advance, though!

When it comes to the best pasta and pizza in New Jersey, we’ve got you covered. We offer you unique food combinations that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Our menu is an entirely different experience, one that’s worth trying—order your new favorites today!

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