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What Would Be the Better Choice Between Calzone and Pizza?

Jan 12, 2021 | Press

It is incredibly difficult to compare pizza to anything else, let alone find something close to it. A calzone every so often happens to be a pretty good idea. Don’t confuse calzones with Strombolis, though; the latter bears more resemblance to a sandwich. Calzone’s sauces are served on the side, while a Stromboli has sauce in it already. So the only things to compare, really, are calzone and pizza.

When you get right down to it, both calzone and pizza are the same at their core: cheesy, doughy, and downright delicious. In fact, some find that if you fold a pizza and bake it, that’s basically a calzone. There are some differences between them, however.


Pizza is basically a flat circle with delicious toppings that’s oozing with cheese. Its origins date back centuries, closely resembling a reference mentioned in the Aeneid. The modern pizza’s roots can be traced to Italy, around the 18th-19th century. 

The dough that pizza is made from consists of flour, oil, water, and yeastrather basic, which allows it to go with pretty much anything. In fact, a pizza is so versatile that, as previously suggested, it can be a calzone when folded in halfyet another way you can enjoy the crisp, savory wonder of a pizza pie. It’s also so much more convenient to reheat it, as well as cook in the first place.

The key game changer when it comes to pizza and calzone comes in the form of cheese. Primarily, it involves the cheese that can be found all over the top of a pizza: golden brown. This is an effect of the broiling that happens when you cook the pizza, which cannot happen with calzone.


The origins of calzone in history are much the same as pizza18th-century Italian baking. One of the biggest draws to calzone is the surprise factor. While there’s a clear awareness on your end of what ingredients are in it, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. There’s a possibility of more cheese, extra toppings, or an abundant burst of sauce. Calzones are also portable with their crescent folds, despite their formidable size. 

Since it’s so massive and the toppings move about somewhat inside, however, it’s impossible to just eat with your bare hands. You’ll need to put it on a plate, and use a knife and a fork. This is unlike pizza, which requires nothing more than you picking it up and eating it.

Best of Both Worlds

There are many similarities to pizza and calzone, especially since the latter can be the former folded up. Having to make such a difficult choice won’t have to be a problem anymore! However, why would you even stress over which to choose when you can have both? The Triple Threat by Joe’s Rotisseria is a pizza, calzone, and garlic knots wrapped up in one incredible serving! It was created by founder Joe Brignoni, who’s always up for serving up unique food and elite eats.


The debate between pizza and calzone can go on for ages, making the choice between the two can be tricky and time-consuming. Your best bet is to get both via the Triple Threat, which comes in an incredibly wide range of flavors, from BBQ chicken chipotle ranch all the way to mac & cheese!

Looking for the best pizza in New Jersey? Joe’s Rotisseria will satisfy your pizza cravings. We have unique fooit die creations that can’t be found anywhere else.

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